Sleeps with Dogs
This week's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to shelter dogs everywhere.
I had the honor of springing this American Bulldog beauty from her cell 
for a Friends of Dekalb Animals charity event.
Peyton along with three Dekalb County Animal Control pawmates were the stars of FODA's fundraiser.
Today Quincy, Mikka and Jimmy are honorary Tutu Tuesday'ers.
For a few hours the canine quartet was showered with love and treats. They could just relax and be dogs.
The heartbreaker was having to return these pawmazing pups to their hot, lonely concrete cells.
Please share this post for Peyton, her pals and all shelter dogs.
They need us.
Peyton rockin' the tutu
Peyton and her tiny new friend
Peyton wears her heart on her nose
Quincy cools off
Mikka's vest says it all
Jimmy enjoys the moment

Dekalb County covers metro Atlanta.
For more photos of these dogs check out Friends of Dekalb Animals website and Facebook page.
For more information on Dekalb County Animal Control check out their website and Facebook Page.
This week's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to rescued Pit Bulls everywhere.
Rae of Sunshine is sportin' a pink tutu and a nasty chemical burn. She is a cruelty case.
Eddie is rockin' his blue tutu and affects from only knowing life in a crate.
These two pawesome youngsters are currently in foster care,
thanks to pawmazing folks at Animal Action Rescue in Atlanta.
Both are happy, silly and soakin' up the love.
Both are looking for loving furever homes. 
Please share far and wide. 
Rae and Eddie
Eddie and Rae sharing a *wish* bone (note: scarring on Rae's back)

For more information click on the following links:
Rae of Sunshine

                                                                     Mr. BUddy Rose
                                                                    Mr. WiLson the Elderbull
Mr. Buddy Rose
Mr. Wilson

For information on Breed Specific Legislation, please visit

 George and Piggie are basket cases this Tutu Tuesday.
They are tutu'd from the Pig's head down to George's toes.
These two bully breeds beauties show you just how silly they are.
Happy Tutu Tuesday to all the pups with personalities!
George and Piggie's tutu'n around

Tutus and baskets supplied by The Whole Dog Market in Atlanta.
By now, most of the world has heard about Lennox.
Lennox was killed for what he looked like, not who he was:
a loving, loyal family dog and best friend to a disabled girl. 
What the Belfast City Council did to Lennox is murder. They killed an innocent dog.
I believe Lennox's legacy is bringing the global dog community together to fight Breed Specific Legislation. 
His story has ignited the fight in millions of people. If a dog can be killed for the way he looks, so can we all. 
If someone wants to create laws to do away with brown-eyed people, I'm at risk.
 How many of you would be too? 
That is the absurdity of BSL.

Please join Sleeps with Dogs in the fight against BSL.

I am Lennox. 
You are Lennox. 
We are Lennox.

And DogMa too...
Thank you to our pawmazing pals Snuggle Bulls for this touching tribute video.

For information on Breed Specific Legislation, check out

With the confidence of seeing Mr. Buddy Rose as last week's Tutu Tuesday Supaw model, Walter shows us all his courage and spunk. Old Man Walter was found wobbling across a busy street when a compassionate, caring woman swooped in and saved him. He is being cared for by this woman until the old guy finds a furever home. 
Today's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Old Man Walter and homeless pets everywhere, esp. seniors. 
Thank you Jenny for saving this sweet-soul and for having a heart of pure gold. 
Please share Walter far and wide -- lets find him a loving home for his retirement years! 
He is currently in Atlanta.

From Walter's pawmazing Fosterma:
"This sweet old man needs a new home where he gets the love and care that he needs as he continues to age. 
He doesn't ask for much- he is very unassuming, and is happy with a little time and attention. 
He can't walk very far because of his legs, but if you do a lap around the yard with him, he will stay at your side. 
If you want to make him REALLY happy, give him a brush down- he is in heaven!"

For more information about wonderful Walter, please contact DogMa:
The SWD paws and peeps have spoken and Mr. Buddy Rose heard their calls to action!
That's right - our pal took one for Team U.S.D. and tutu'd up!
Thank you Buddy for representin' dudes everywhere and honoring our beloved Blu.
Happy Tutu Tuesday and Inpawpendence Day y'all!
Star Spangled Buddy
You're a Grand Old Bud
Yankee Poodle Buddy
DOG Bless Pawmerica

For more information on Buddy and his incrediBULL story of love and survival, 

please check out Buddy's blog and Facebook page. 

Living in a house with eight dogs and one cat...
this drink is a necessity, a requirement, a must!
That's right peeps, the coffee martini. 
It is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Coffee Martini:
1 oz vodka (double for multiple dog owners)
1 oz coffee liquor
1 oz shot Bailey's Irish Cream

Pour in a shaker with ice and drink till the barking in your head ceases!

liquor used: (suggestions only - any will do - trust me!)
Grey Goose Vodka
Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
Baileys Irish Cream