Sleeps with Dogs
Today's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to impawfectly pawfect pups everywhere!
We wuffs you ALL!

When I see your face,
There's not a thing that I would change.
Cause you're amazing,
Just the way you are.
~~ Bruno Mars ~~
Miss Myrtle the tutu'd Turtle
SWD Mobile's newest addition

After posting this pic of the pawsomest of pawsome car magnets today on the SWD Facebook Page,
 a bunch of peeps asked where they can get their own. 
DogMa (that's me) purchased the magnet at an Atlanta Bully Rescue fundraiser. 
So, off I went on an Internet hunt and this is what I found...

Click on the links below to purchase the Peace Love Pit Bulls Car Magnet:

End Dog Fighting (scroll down page)
Dog Toys 
Paws For Celebration

If anyone is able to find a rescue group selling these magnets, 
please leave info in a comment. 

It's s supaw star edition of Tutu Tuesday.
Introducing the sweet smiling terrifically tutu'd Tessie
Tess was rescued by her pawtastic mom, Amanda, who is also a great friend and SWD supporter.
We wuffs you lovely ladies.
And for all the pawfect Pit Bull girls out there and their pawmazing moms...
Happy Tutu Tuesday!
Tutu Tessie

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Prize packs are worth over $150 and $100!
Enter now to get some supaw cool free stuff, including swag from us! 
Hurry though, it ends 6/19.

  Representin' for dudes this Tutu Tuesday, my beloved boy Blu.
He was a sweet boy, a dogmama's boy and a good boy.
So for distinguished dudes everywhere...
Happy Tutu Tuesday!
10/25/98 - 1/6/12
Who will be the first dude to carry on the tutu torch for Blu?
Could it be Mr. Buddy Rose?

Mr. Buddy Tutu?

If you think Buddy should put on a tutu, head over to his Facebook page and tell him. 
We'll see you there!
Pawty goers at a recent birthday celebration for Mr. Wilson the Elderbull and is brother, Fatboy.
In the sea of hats, bowties, poker-faced Lottie and George in a basket...
stood a tutu'd Pig.
Happy Tutu Tuesday paws and peeps!

Pawty Animals
Having a monkey on your back could be...

pile of bills
pile of crap in house
dust bunnies the size of gorillas
toxic job
aging car
unwanted stalker

clingy coworker
husband, wife, partner, significant other.

In Ginger's case, it's a Chihuahua named TBone.