Sleeps with Dogs
This week's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to therapy dogs everywhere.
Here is the pawmazing Lottie, who primped and fluffed herself for the Special Olympics in Atlanta
and brought huge smiles to all the athlestes' faces.
Lady Lottie of pawsomeness, we dedicate Tutu Tuesday to you. 
Lottie rockin' her tutu and game face
And in first place for Best Dressed.... Lottie!

If you in the Atlanta area, stop by The Whole Dog Market on Monroe Dr. where Lottie often accompanies her mom to work. You may even be inspired to get your pooch a tutu too. 
With several paw pals recently diagnosed with skin cancer, now is the pawfect time to remind our peeps the importance of using sunscreen, esp. on light colored, short-haired pups, like Piggie. 
The SWD oinker loves to bask in the sunshine, so DogMa slathers her up with protection.
We currently use Aroma Paws *Fur Conditioning Treatment with Sunscreen*
But, there are plenty of doggie sunscreens to chose from.
Roasted Pork Loin
Roasted Pork Belly

Here are some pawtastic sun protection products available on the market.

Click on the photos for links to more product information.
Aroma Paws is all natural and chemical free
Vet's Best - All Natural Sun Relief Spray
Solar Rx Sunblock is chemical free and gentle
Slather-up or cover-up your pups this Summer y'all - Let's keep 'em moist and healthy. 
Piggie and her puppy pal Louie - checking things out at The Whole Dog Market in Atlanta.
Happy Tookus Tutu Tuesday!
Piggerina and Dapper Lou
When a friend posted the website called Dog and Frog I immediately clicked on the link. 
After all, a couple frog dogs live at the SWD house.
What I found was supaw cool dog tee-shirts. 
Seriously, there are no less than a dozen this DogMa wants and must have.
Like the rescue pup and Pit Bull pawsomeness.
Check 'em out...
Rescue Pup
Pittie pawfect design

Dog and Frog offers over 150 designs of dogs and other animals. 
How many do y'all want?

Introducing our pal Lucy from Lucy's World.
We think she is picture pawfect in her tutu.
The stunning Lucy was rescued by her dad. 
Together they advocate pet adoptions, spay/neuter and are against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). 
This dynamic duo struts around town having fun and sharing their messages.
We think this pair is pawty cool.
It is an honor to have Lucy representin' on Tutu Tuesday.
We love Lucy.

For more pawsomness on Lucy, check out her Facebook page.
Happy tuesday Paws and Peeps.
This week, Piggie shows off her full frontal pawsamble: collar, hot pink halter and of course, tutu. 
What do y'all think? 
Prima Piggerina
Sleeps with Dogs cars are showing up all over the country.
Has you car been SWD'd ?
South Carolina
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New Jersey

To SWD your ride or a friend's ride, check out our Cafe' Press Shop for car magnets.
While you're there, take a look around. 
You can even SWD yourself, like our west coast pal Mr. Buddy Rose, shown above with his SWD'd rear *bumper.*
And the most pawtastic part - a portion of each sale goes to a dog rescue.
  Shop till you pawp y'all! 
The tutu'd Pig chillin' with her friends. 
From top to bottom: Mr. Wilson the Elderbull, Louie and Fatboy (Mr. Wilson's brother)
Happy Tutu Tuesday Paws and Peeps!
Which one of us is not like the others?