Sleeps with Dogs
Ever wonder how you can tell if a dog is a Pit Bull?
Our pawsome pal, Mr. Buddy Rose, explains how in his latest blog post - How To Identify a Pit Bull.
I tested the SWD girls and here are the results...
Beast Bull, Piggie Bull, Harriet Bull

Yep, it's true. There are three Pit Bulls living in the SWD House. 
This DogMa couldn't be happier.

Now the Three Finger Test is silly and absurd, 
but so are guidelines used by animal controls across the country to identify Pit Bull type dogs. 
The Three Finger Test is just as accurate. 
if all dogs were deemed Pit Bulls, NO dogs would be discriminated against. 
 Just think about it.

For more info on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL):
For more info on Mr. Buddy Rose's pawcredible story: Buddy's Blog 
Her name is Lola. 
She is a show girl.
With a tutu around there.
And ear straight up in the air.

Special thanks to Beth of The Whole Dog Market 
for providing this pawsome pic of her gussied up girl.
It's National Pet ID Week and the pawsome folks at PetHub want your pet to be protected.  They are giving away their woofferific, innovative ID tags for just the cost of their shipping and handling -- $2. With each tag you also get a free basic membership to That's right, for two bucks you can rest easily knowing your beloved pet will return home safely and quickly, if ever fido or fluffy go on unauthorized adventures, like the Beast. Check out our recent post - PetHub's Scrufftag Saves this Dogma - for details of the Beast's wanderlust naughtiness.
Impawtant details about the PetHub giveaway:

• Promo runs through Sun (4/22)
• $2 per tag… no hidden fees
• US Only
• Click here to order:  PetHub ID Tag Giveaway 

I just happened to be at The Whole Dog Market in Atlanta when these two super models were outfitted with 
Binxie Pet Boutique  tutus. Are these two prancy pants cute or what.
Happy Tutu Tuesday Y'all!
Having a dog who is also a pig is pawsomely entertaining. Piggie - aka as: Pig Face, Pork Butt, Hamhock, Pork Chop, Oinker, Fat Back and Bacon Bits - grunts, snorts and snarfs like a pig. 
There is no denying this phenomenon. 
So, this DogMa (or does this make me PigMa) is now obsessed with cool pig stuff .
 I'm like a wild boar on a safari. 
Here is a glimpse into the SWD succulent world of pigs.
Vintage hog
ID that Pig - gift from Piggie's FosterMa and our pawtastic friend Beth
Piggie's new porcelain pal
PigWheel - Gift from a special friend
Tower of Pig Power - gift from a special friend
substitute swine
Giddy with hogticipation for the pigpen's next arrival. 
Wonder what it will be...

That's right, the Beast is this week's tutu model. 
She is one handsome Beasterina, Don't you think?
Beastly Ballerina

If interested in getting your pups a tutu -  check out Binxie Pet Boutique.  
Now DogMa thinks each of the SWD girls should have their own.  
Oh just think of the photo fun and pawsibilities. 
The three wuffcuteers are all spruced up for Tutu Tuesday! 
Piggie, Fraser, Triple (formerly Junebug)
Temps are on the rise early this year and Piggie is H-O-T!
Watching the Purina Dog Challenge at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, the Pig started to roast.
That's when the panting porker bumped into the guys from ChillSpot - an innovative cooling dog bed.

The ChillSpot replicates the cooling affects of a tile floor. All you have to do is place the four brick-like ChillPods in the freezer then into the compartments they're placed. How cool is that?! (no pun intended)
Check out how the ChillSpot works.

Now as compelled as I was with the concept, I was pretty certain Piggie would have zero to do with the cooling apparatus. The guys asked if she wanted to try it out and after only a few moments, this is what happened...
Piggie chillin' (literally)
I was stunned at the Pig's sense of adventure as she was, well, chillin'.
Piggie workin' the half-chill

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