Sleeps with Dogs
Today's tutu model is Foster Harriet. 
I call this... 
 Taming of the H 
Happy Tutu Tuesday Paws and Peeps!
In honor of The Whole Dog Market's grand opening this coming weekend in Atlanta, it's only fitting the inaugural Tutu Tuesday took place at WDM-- that's where DogMas and DogPops can buy their furkids this exact tutu. And while Piggie is know at The Whole Dog Market for your pawlifting, this day the porker paid for the frilly pink skirt.

If you're in Atlanta this weekend - March 24 and 25 -- come on byThe Whole Dog Market located at 985 Monroe Drive (near Piedmont Park).  Not only is the store loaded with pawsome products, there will be giveaways too!

Now, lets get this pawty started by *saying*...   HAPPY TUTU TUESDAY!

Who will be wearing the tutu next week?  Come back Tuesday to find out!