Sleeps with Dogs
Today's Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to a boy named Brock
and the pawmagical power of a Pit Bull named Piggie.

We met 10-year-old Brock on National Pit Bull Awareness Day back in October,
  It was then Brock's mom told us he was once bitten by a Chihuahua and is now afraid of dogs.
He is afraid of all dogs... except Piggie.

When we first encountered Brock and his lovely family at the Atlanta Bully March,
he apprehensively BUT quickly patted the Pig on the back.
When we saw Brock and his family several hours later at the Atlanta Bully Education Rally, 
 something very special happened...
Sometimes you just need a hug

For more information on Pit Bulls, Check out Pit Bull Rescue Central's:
Facebook Page
The pawsome Lady Bug The Pibble Mix held a contest on Facebook called 
Through My Eyes,
asking peeps to show how your furbabies SEE our world.
Piggie and Bella got in on the action
and wanted to share their impawtant messages with you all.

For more information on Lady Bug The Pibble Mix, check out her:
Facebook Page

*Special thank you to Mr. Buddy Rose's pawmazing mom for creating these masterpieces*
Dash and his littermates were rescued the day they were born by Friends To The Forlorn
a pawsome Pit Bull rescue group in Georgia.
Fast forward: 
Dash is now 3 years old and livin' the life of a celebridog in his furever home.
He is an ambassadog and a print model. 
Dash has appeared on the cover of the Friends To The Forlorn calendar, 
was Mr. April in last year’s The Unexpected Pit Bull calendar,
 was on a cover of Tails magazine
 and he is on a Pit Bull Rescue Central credit card.

Dash’s turn-ons are walks, Big Daddy Biscuits, and raw food. 
Dash’s turn-offs are off-leash dogs and car rides.

When Dash dresses up in ladies clothes, he proudly goes by the name *Mrs. Dash*

This Tutu Tuesday is dedicated to Pit Bulls everywhere 
and the pawmazing people who love and accept them.
*Mrs Dash*
*Mrs Dash* is a dancing machine
*Mrs Dash* knows how to work a tutu

A special thank you to Atlanta Underdog Initiative's Liz Henderson, 
for adopting Dash and sharing his pawsomeness with us.

For more information on Atlanta Underdog Initiative, check out their:
Facebook Page
Happy Tutu Tuesday Paws and Peeps!
really wants to know...
Epic tutu fail or New fashion statement?
You make the call.
Piggie in pink
Hey Paws and Peeps -- DogMa is asking for your help!
You see, Sleeps With Dogs needs a simple, catchy, fun tagline and I'm at a loss.
So here's the challenge: Woof at us with as many tagline suggestions as you want.
If we select yours as the new SWD tagline,
you'll get a pawsome gift of gratitude from DogMa and the SWD Crew.
On your bark,
get set,

Can't wait to read all the pawtastic tagline entries.
Thanks for your pawsistance - We heart y'all. 
Happy Tuuuuuutu Year!
We hope all our paws and peeps had a safe, fun and pawsitively pawsome time ringing in 2013!
We're supaw excited for a new year of Tutu Tuesdays
and hope you are too.
Gracie and Piggie recovering from the pawty